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Solid punch riveting of car door

  • Detail of car door with rivets
    Detail of car door with rivets
  • TOX®-Robot Tong
    TOX®-Robot Tong

Information on the project

This most comprehensive field of solutions and performances convinced the responsible persons of an innovative automobile manufacturer when looking for sheet metal joining technology best suited for a new door model. After many evaluations and successful tests, the decision was in favour of the solid punch rivet technology from TOX® PRESSOTECHNIK. Since many years a trustful relation with TOX® PRESSOTECHNIK as technology supplier exists and good experiences have been made so far.

For the door production the TOX® application engineers tied up an individual performance package which included a few hand-held- and almost 30 robot-supported tong systems. Due to the fact that a great number of base components could be taken from the TOX® standard program, high expenditures for application effort or customised machinery could be avoided so that the investment cost remained within a clearly calculable scope.


Applications: Riveting
Products: Tongs
Industries: Automotive industry
Products: Presses and Systems

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