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Fastener Insertion Machines for your production processes

System Competence - Insertion demands capable technology

TOX® PRESSOTECHNIK with its decades of experience provides you with competent know-how for systems for the processing of functional elements.

The automatic plants represent complex systems. The elements must be provided, separated, fed, placed and pressed in. All processes are also to be monitored here and analyzed accurately, to achieve consistent quality and repeat accuracy.

Due to the long-standing cooperation with numerous manufacturers of functional elements, we are able to independently offer a suitable system completely individually from a wide range of components and modules.

You define the element - we deliver the equipment!

System designs

Different basic designs are possible for systems that process functional elements. Systems can be designed as tongs − stationary or mobile − or as a press. They can be constructed as fully automatic, semi-automatic or purely manual workstations.

  • Machine design as manual workstation
  • Machine design as bow-type freestanding unit
  • Machine design as robot tongs

Main system components

Your customer-specific requirements are met down to the last detail, utilizing standard system components thanks to our modular design.

Setting head

The requirements of the setting technique, particularly of the setting head, are crucial for the different types of functional elements.

Based on our years of experience and laboratory tests for each application, TOX® PRESSOTECHNIK can select and develop the suitable setting head.


Magazine full sensor


Buffer area for the elements


Elements required sensor


Pneumatic pusher






Light barrier for element detection


Setting tool and retaining clip

With the standard TOX®-Setting Head, the elements are blown into the buffer area. They are separated with a pneumatic pusher, pushed into the retaining clip on the punch and retained. The light barrier detects whether the element is available and placed correctly. The ram then moves the element onto the component and presses it in.

Hoppers, feeder bowls and escapement, control and monitoring systems

Prerequisite for smooth process flow: Safe and reliable feeding of elements.


The special control unit and process monitoring controls all processes, links numerous interfaces on customer side and checks and archives the quality data.


A hopper is used for storing larger quantities of functional elements to be pressed in. The feeder bowl and escapement are adjusted to the desired manufacturing process depending on the type, shape and size of the element.

Picture on left side shows: Base frame with control and drive electronics for the feed system. Ideally, the hopper, feeder bowl, control and drive electronics form one unit.

Singulation and escapement system

Singulation is required for the processing of some functional elements. The type of the functional element defines the feed method into the setting head. In most cases, this occurs by means of blown air and molded hoses.

Sensor modules that check the elements for dimensions or quality can be integrated here.


Element chute to the setting head


Non-conforming part discharge


Buffer area for the elements


Monitoring of the fill level


Pneumatic slider for singulation of the elements. Includes sensor-supported discharge of defective parts


Blowing device


The insertion of elements requires high forces on the setting head. These required joining forces are generated by pneumatic, hydraulic, pneumohydraulic or electromechanic servo drives.

Additional components

In addition to the main components the systems can be equipped with various expansion modules like piece part holding, round table, ejection system, sensors, safety and control equipment.

Sensors for quality dectection
Component fixtures
Safety devices

For any questions you may have about insertion machine feeding & placing equipment, please contact us today!


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